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February 28, 2023

Why Make the Move to Cloud Accounting Services Singapore

Let your business work smarter and faster by investing in cloud accounting services Singapore.

There is no perfect time like the present to switch to cloud-based accounting services from using desktop software or spreadsheets. Regarding cloud-based software, companies can get many benefits from on-premise solutions by allowing users to work anywhere, anytime. It also automates the time-consuming manual processes, enhances accuracy in transactions, and hastens financial operations without exerting much effort.

Corporations can even get more benefits depending on the software, including more straightforward prediction of software costs, reduced spending on hardware, less IT overhead, improved disaster recovery, enhanced threat and security monitoring, increased levels of availability, and excelled performance and scalability.

This article’s main feature is to highlight is to answer the question, “Why is cloud accounting beneficial to businesses in Singapore?” It will also take readers into an overview of the cloud and an in-depth discussion of what cloud accounting is all about. Stay tuned and continue reading below!

An Overview of This Thing Called the Cloud

At its core, “the cloud” is the servers that run and are accessible through the internet and the software and databases on those servers. Data centres contain cloud servers, and they are located all over the world. If you think about the cloud, think about internet banking, and you are using the cloud when you access your bank data.

Moreover, the cloud ensures that data and software are easy to access by users online anytime, anywhere, and from any device. It makes the hard drive of your computer or laptop no longer require functioning as the central hub.

What Is Cloud Accounting?

With cloud accounting, any company can keep their business books online. Record of income and expenses, and assets and liabilities are included. Only people with login credentials can access the data, since the information is encrypted.

In case you did not know, a few businesses started using cloud accounting software, also known as online accounting software, as early as the 2000s. At that time, most software only includes quoting, invoicing, and managing bills tools. Many features have been developed to fully harness the potential of the cloud in different business setups, not only accounting.

Through the year, many service providers began to offer cloud accounting services Singapore to assist enterprises in managing their business finances. A corporate firm like ContactOne is a reliable business solutions provider, particularly cloud accounting services, to many companies. For more cloud-related services, get in touch with us today. We will be glad to hear from you!

Cloud Accounting: How It Works?

Users may subscribe to or be provided with an online accounting software solution by a service provider. Once it has been set up, users will transfer their books to the cloud. The information will be accessible to the user’s account when they login to any web browser or smartphone app.

It is worth noting that many users connect cloud-based accounting to their bank accounts. This way, bank transactions flow seamlessly from the bank to the business books, saving time and many data entries.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting Services Singapore Every Enterprise Should Take Advantage Of

No matter what type of business you have or regardless of your business goals, making a move to a cloud accounting software system can help improve efficiency and allocate real-time updates on financial standing. Learn more about the benefits of cloud accounting below.

  1. Less Administration

    Because business owners are accessing the software online with cloud accounting, they can take away the need to attend to software installation, backups, and other administrative tasks.

  2. Automation

    Software in the cloud is always up-to-date. This way, it automatically runs transactions to business books and accounts for the changes in real time. The cloud-based accounting system also automates many accounting and banking processes.

  3. Compliance

    Through the production of accurate financial statement, cloud accounting help various companies with tax compliance, including quarterly tax estimates and yearly tax returns.

  4. Data Security

    Getting businesses on board regarding cloud accounting can be challenging because of potential online risk. But cloud-based services are enhanced with rigid security measures to ensure data safety and other business information.

  5. Scalability

    Scalability is one of the most appealing features of cloud accounting services in Singapore. It can flex and scale to meet your business needs.

  6. Accuracy

    Cloud accounting can improve accuracy in every transaction by eliminating various error-prone steps manually using a spreadsheet.

  7. Customisation

    Because every business is different, cloud-based accounting is ideal as it can be customised according to a company’s needs and accounting requirements.

  8. Reporting and Data Visualisation

    Reporting and data visualisation is real-time, compared to using spreadsheets or paper processes.

  9. Integration

    Cloud accounting solutions can be integrated into other business applications with the same central database, depending on the provider.

  10. Collaboration

    Since financial data are accessible online, cloud accounting makes it easier to collaborate with team members.

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For more reliable cloud accounting services Singapore, do not think twice about getting in touch with ContactOne. Call us on +65 6333 0633 or +65 8666 3633. You also visit our website at www.contactone.com.sg.

June 16, 2022

An Ultimate Guide to Cloud Accounting Services

The importance of accounting services to businesses in Singapore is undeniable. It efficiently manages business finances by ensuring that business owners make educated financial decisions, helping them focus on growing their business, keeping them on track with all business expenses, and saving time and money. Traditionally, accounting services were executed using locally hosted software on a desktop computer’s hard drive. But with cutting edge technology, managing business finances can be done remotely online through cloud accounting services.

Savvy bookkeepers and accountants know the benefits of cloud accounting services. Despite that, getting clients on board with nontraditional accounting methods is not as easy as it seems. New and unfamiliar ways can be hard to accept, and changing any process can be complicated. And that is why new clients of cloud services will likely and rightfully question the perplexing “cloud” along with data security, cost of services, and so on.

The hesitation in engaging in cloud accounting services comes from the method’s unfamiliarity. If you want your clients to be confident in managing their finances, prepare yourself by learning the information you need to share with them. This article takes an in-depth look at clouding accounting services, including its benefits to businesses, how it works, and more! Continue reading below to learn more.

What Is the Cloud?

To better understand what cloud accounting is, let us begin with the word “cloud” and what it stands for. The cloud refers to servers accessible over the internet, including the software and databases running on those servers. Cloud servers are located all over the world in data centres, making them easier to access. There is no need for businesses and other users for physical servers or to run software applications at their own expense if they use cloud computing.

Moreover, the cloud gives users access to the same files and applications from different devices because computing and storing happen on servers in data centres. It is the same concept when users log into Facebook on another device, and they still find the same content, photos, videos, and conversations intact. It works similar to cloud email providers, like Gmail and Microsoft Office 365, and cloud storage providers, like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Additionally, the cloud is a metaphor for the internet. Its origin traces back to when flowcharts and presentations were used to represent the server-farm infrastructure of the internet as a puffy, white cumulus cloud that accepts connections and gives information as it floats.

What Is Cloud Accounting?

After learning what cloud is, we will now take a closer look at cloud accounting. In its simplest form, cloud accounting consists of basic accounting tasks, such as managing and balancing business accounts, using software located in the cloud. Accountants and bookkeepers can manage accounts payable, receivable, the general ledger, and more through this. Since cloud accounting software runs on servers in cloud centres, users can easily access the tools they need over the internet. It means that employees and third-party staff no longer need to be in a certain place to be up-to-date with their business’s financial situation.

By switching to cloud computing, businesses can reduce costs and overhead associated with IT because they no longer need to manage their own servers. The cloud vendor will get things done on behalf of their businesses. Cloud computing significantly impacts small businesses that, in the first place, may not have the resources to build an internal infrastructure. If they outsource their infrastructure needs from a third party, it is affordable via the cloud. It also makes operating businesses internationally easier because employees have access to the same files and applications even if they are located in various places.

The Benefits of Cloud Accounting Services to Businesses in a Competitive Market

Singapore is considered one of the best places to do business and invest. All this is owed to its business-friendly environment, stable economic and political disposition, and pro-foreign business policies. These are similar reasons why competition in this business landscape is very tight. If businesses want to get ahead, they need to ensure that their operations are streamlined to perform efficiently. Getting cloud accounting services is one way to be on top of the game.

Here are the benefits of cloud accounting to businesses in Singapore:

  1. Automation
  2. Transactions are regularly updated when business accounts are connected to the accounting system, and it makes data entry and manual imports faster. Besides that, cloud software automates account reconciliation and matches bank statements as well as invoices to ledgers so that you can close the books without hassle. Some accounting applications can even automatically pay vendors and issue invoices to customers on user-defined schedules.

  3. Accessibility
  4. Anyone can access a cloud accounting service with an internet connection, web browser, and login credentials. Users can log in using a mobile device, like smartphones and tablets, and they don’t need to be in a certain location to gather information or complete tasks.

  5. Reduced Expenses
  6. Businesses that use cloud technology are likely to spend less on IT maintenance than those who manage in-house infrastructures. According to a report by Datometry, more than 60% of IT experts said that reducing costs was their priority. However, most of their funds are allocated to IT staff to manage the system. But you don’t need to pay more for system upgrades and maintenance with cloud accounting services.

  7. Data Security
  8. Extensive security protocols in top cloud software compared to most businesses can provide for their on-premise systems. To reduce the risk caused by a fire or natural disaster, cloud providers never miss backing up your data to servers in many locations. Your hard drives or devices with sensitive information won’t be prone to looting because they don’t have data stored in them.

  9. Faster Implementation
  10. It is easier for a business to get running on a cloud because there is no need to purchase services and set them up, and no IT team will be involved. Cloud providers have implemented thousands of services; thus, this process will be a piece of cake for them.

For Reliable Cloud Accounting Services, Turn to ContactOne Today!

Reach out to us, and we will be more than willing to walk you through more accounting options. Call us on +65 6333 0633 or +65 8666 3633. You may also visit our website to learn more about us and what we can do to help your business be on top of Singapore’s competitive business hub.