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Singapore Company Secretary Service

Why Choose Our Secretarial Service?

Our Corporate Secretary Plans are designed to assist Companies in their Annual Returns to ACRA, including dedicated reminder service prior to the filing deadline and the provision of a named secretary for your Company. Tap on our extensive experience to ensure any Company corporate changes are done in accordance to the Law.

Our founders DO NOT believe in sophisticated billing concepts, and understand everyone hates to be shocked by hidden costs. With that in mind, ContactOne Clients have never been billed any routine Printing and Stationery Fees, Extra Annual Return Filing Fees, Document Storage Fees since our inception in 2009.

It is our commitment to you that our fees remain transparent and flat without hidden charges. On occasions where additional fees are to be incurred due to additional or variation of work involved, we will always do our best to inform our clients upfront on the potential fees prior to the engagement.

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Tough Times Business Saver

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What’s Included
Provision of a Named Secretary for your Company    
Maintaining of Company Register and Minute Books    
Preparation of Annual General Meeting Documents when due and applicable    
Filing of Annual Return to ACRA when due and applicable    
Advisory on Corporate Secretarial compliance matters    
Auto Reminder to inform you of your filing due dates    
Preparation of up to 10 routine resolutions per annum
Compilation of Financial Statements  
Corporate Tax Submission
  • Includes Tax Computation, ECI Filing and Form C-S Filing
Subsequent Renewal Fee $390 per annum $1000 per annum

Company Secretarial Related Services

$ 270

AGM and Annual Return Filing Services for non-covered periods*

$ 30 – 60

Preferential Lodgement Service Fee* for routine non-share related work (change of directors, registered address,business activities, bank related resolutions)

$ 100 – 150

Preferential Lodgement Service Fee* for routine share related work(ordinary share allotments, share transfers)

$ 80 – 150

Preferential Lodgement Service Fee* for non-routine secretarial work(Change of company name, Amandment of Constitution, Alteration of Share Capital etc)

*Non-covered periods refers to filings to be done for AGM due dates that fall out of the subscription period of the secretarial package

*Preferential Lodgement Service Fee are service fee rates applicable for ContactOne Secretarial Package Clients. We accept non-client assignments on an ad-hoc basis at premium of $50 per assignment

Company Secretarial Service

Company Secretary Requirement

Section 171(1) of the Companies Act (Chapter 50) mandates that:

“Every company shall have one or more secretaries each of whom shall be a natural person who has his principal or only place of residence in Singapore.”

Do I Need to Secure a Company Secretary from you?

Compliance with the laws and regulations is essential for every Singapore Company.

ContactOne Professional Services is able to provide you with a suitably qualified company secretary to address your compliance needs and obligations to the authorities. Secretarial services offered by ContactOne are designed to allow our clients to administrate their compliance requirements in the most cost effective way. Please note that the appointment of a Company Secretary is to be approved by the Directors of the Company.

Our Company Secretarial packages are recommended for entrepreneurs who:

  • Needs someone with knowledge of the Companies Act (Chapter 50)
  • Needs to file the Company Annual Returns to ACRA on a timely basis and avoid unnecessary fines
  • Needs someone to prepare standard annual general meeting documents
  • Needs someone to assist in documentation and advisory work relating to changes in directors, shareholders, company share capital amongst many other corporate changes of the company.


Why are your secretarial fees comparably lower than most service providers that I have sourced?

We are proud to be able to offer quality services at affordable fees because of 2 factors:

  • Our services are targeted towards allowing companies to satisfy their most essential ACRA filing requirements. This means that loaded costs or premium buffers for additional work are removed from the pricing of the basic package.
  • Our use of in-house self-developed system allows us to serve all of our clients timely, efficiently and effectively without passing on additional headcount costs or technological costs to you.


Guide to Choosing Company Secretarial Service that suits you the most

We acknowledge that different businesses have varying needs in relation to their corporate secretarial requirements.

Companies that need basic secretarial functions
Similar to ContactOne, most of the other leading secretarial firms provide basic secretarial functions to a large portion of companies in Singapore. In fact, we are of the opinion that most companies will suffice with this form of secretarial service. Under this arrangement, should you require additional secretarial services, only then will you be billed for the ad-hoc services rendered.

Service providers may bill secretarial fees on a monthly basis or annual basis. We are fairly sure that our annual secretarial fees have consistently been one of the lowest in the market today amongst leading service providers. If you belong to this class of entrepreneurs, our Company Secretary Basic Package will be best suited for you.

Companies that need basic secretarial and accounting functions
ACRA filing constitutes only one out of TWO annual obligations for every Singapore Company. For a total peace of mind in meeting both your ACRA and IRAS obligations, you should consider our Company Secretary All In One Package that provides support for both ACRA and IRAS filings.
This plan is most suited for Companies that are capable of doing in-house bookkeeping or transaction recording.

Companies that need additional expert services
There are also companies that would prefer to appoint legal practitioners eg lawyers specializing in certain fields, to be their company secretary. The reason may be due to the fact that the company may need to deal with complicated corporate structuring or require legal expertise in the related field of the legal practitioner. In this aspect, value can be created as the secretary is somebody who can provide expert advice to you. This arrangement may chalk up thousands in terms of secretarial and professional fees. If you fall into this category, we will strongly encourage you to procure a suitable legal practitioner and consider the cost versus benefits of the arrangement. Alternatively, you may consider our Company Secretary Basic Package to meet you basic ACRA needs and engage a separate legal practitioner for advisory purposes.