On this page, you will find common mails sent out to all Singapore Companies. With effect from 1 Jan 2019, all common mails will be listed here for your convenient retrieval and reading.

If you are our Registered Address Client, we will avoid informing you of such public mails to save your time from coming down. Do check this section regularly to receive updates.

Common Mails 2021


Extract of Mailer from IRAS:

  1. With effect from 03 Jan 2022, GST and Corporate Income Tax refunds will be made only via electronic means i.e. GIRO or PayNow. IRAS will cease the issuance of cheques for such refunds. Please ensure that you have signed up for a GIRO or PayNow Corporate with the business’/organisation’s bank account, to be able to receive future GST and/or Corporate Income Tax refunds.

2020-07-23 Mailer for Requirement for Companies and LLPs to lodge Registrable Controllers’ Information with ACRA

Extract of Mailer from ACRA:

  1. With effect from 30 July 2020, all companies and LLPs (unless exempted) are required to lodge with ACRA, information relating to the entities’ Register of Registrable Controllers (RORC). The RORC is a non-public register not available to the public. The register is only accessible by law enforcement agencies for the purpose of administering or enforcing the laws under their purview. You have up to 29 September 2020 to file the RORC information with ACRA.
  2. If you have taken up Company Secretarial services with ContactOne, we will lodge this information on your behalf based on your declaration over the last 3 years with us during Incorporation, AGM Annual Return Filing, Share Transfers, Share Allotments. No actions will be required on your part. Do refer to our previous email sent to you between 25th – 28th June 2020.
  3. If you have not done any of the above mentioned lodgements in the last 3 years, kindly contact us directly to assist in meeting this obligation. Thank you

2019-09-29 Mailer for Notification on Appointment of Registered Filing Agent (RFA)

Extract of Mailer from ACRA:

  1. From 1 Oct 2019, a business entity that appoints a Registered Filing Agent (RFA) 1 to transact with AGRA in BizFile+, ACRA’s on-line business filing and information portal, will receive a notification letter from AGRA on the appointment of the RFA. If you receive such a notification letter, no action is required on your part if the appointment of the RFA is in order.
  2. To enhance transparency and provide convenience to business entities in keeping track of the RFA they have appointed, all position holders, including officer, partner or owner of the business entity, can now login to BizFile+ portal at with their CorpPass to view information on the RFA or remove the RFA via the dashboard in BizFile+.  Once the RFA is removed, the RFA will not be able to perform any BizFile+ transactions on your behalf.


2019-01-24 Mailer For PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act)

This mail informs appoint the mandatory appointment of a Data Protection Officer. (Received on 18 Feb 2019)