Bookkeeping Questionnaire

ContactOne – Full Set Bookkeeping Questionnaire

Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for considering Full Set Bookkeeping Services from ContactOne Professional Services.

Our comprehensive bookkeeping services will take care of your accounting function all the way from the data entry process of source information to the delivery of your financial reports and tax submission documents.

You may have received our email requesting for the completion of a simple fee quote questionnaire. Please copy and paste the table below into your email reply to us, and complete the form with your responses.

Thank you


Simple Questionnaire for a Preliminary Bookkeeping Quote

Basic Understanding of your Business

Kindly indicate your response in the boxes below

1) What is the financial year end of the company?

2) What is the nature/industry of company’s business?

3) Is the company GST-registered?

4) How many bank accounts does the company have and are they all in SGD currency?

5) How many pages of bank statements are there per month?

6) Are there any credit card/NETS transactions to be processed?

7) How many sales invoices are issued per month?

8) How many supplier invoices (both non-trade & trade related) are received per month?

9) For petty cash reimbursements, how many transactions are there per month eg 1/2 or 1 arch file?

10) Does the company have any hire purchase agreements/assets eg motor vehicle, equipment etc?

11) Payroll – how many full timers and part-timers?

12) Does the Company own any property?

13) Are there any loan agreements for the financing of the business / self-owned properties?

14) Can you briefly describe your document filing system in place?

Example: A separate file for issued invoices, Stamping on Paid invoices, OR Every piece of documents are put in a folder

15) Do you keep proper records of ALL your transactional documents?

Please let us know if you have missing documents so that we can advise you further. Eg missing bank statement for Jan.