The Difference Between Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Many people, especially those who have no actual experience with accounting and bookkeeping services, think that these services are the same. Some even use accounting and bookkeeping interchangeably, as they believe it is okay to replace either term with the other. Who could blame them when, in fact, many of us have fallen victim to the same circumstance before?[…]

The Process of Closing a Local Enterprise: Strike-Off Company in Singapore

Starting a business is a dream come true for people who have always aspired to be business owners. Although managing an enterprise is not an easy job, dedicated owners of startups would go the extra mile to nurture the fruit of their labour. They became very involved and put a lot of time and effort into running their business. But the sad reality is that some endeavours do not sometimes end up as expected. While other companies in Singapore thrive, others meet their end someday.[…]

How Much Does It Cost to Engage in Company Incorporation Services in Singapore

Setting up your business requires monetary resources, and it is a known fact anywhere, not only in Singapore. Although it is easier to start a business in Singapore compared to other countries, expenses remain one of the deciding factors whether to invest in a new business venture or not.[…]

Things Locals and Foreign Entrepreneurs Should Know About Company Incorporation in Singapore

Like in most countries, it takes a lot of work to start a business in Singapore. Setting up a company and finding your way around the saturated and competent business hub in the country may become even more challenging if you don’t know where to start. Even though Singapore remains on the list of business-friendly countries, as a would-be startup owner, there is more than one thing that you should consider.[…]

A Comprehensive Guide to Corporate Tax in Singapore

One of the reasons that keep Singapore on top of the most business-friendly countries’ list is its continuous dedication to reducing corporate tax and introducing various tax incentives that attract and retain global investments. At present, the country follows a single-tier corporate tax system, in which company-paid taxes are not chalked up to the investors. That is why it is important to understand the way around corporate tax in Singapore if you plan to start a company in the country.[…]

How Accounting and Tax Services Help Avoid the Consequences of Late Payment and Non-Payment of Corporate Tax

Business-friendly, flourishing economy, and impressive developments, all this come to mind when somebody mentions Singapore. These things are also the reasons the country is considered one of the most picked places by tourists and expatriates, especially entrepreneurs. But beyond Singapore’s booming business landscape, there is one thing every business owner should take a closer look at. And that is tax.[…]

5 Benefits of Tax and Accounting Services

Even if starting a company in a business hub like Singapore is easy, challenges do not end at business formation. A business that wants to succeed in a saturated and competitive market has more work than registration. Do not fret, though, because a corporate service provider can help with anything business-related. Tax and accounting services are some of the services they offer, essential to startups in Singapore. Continue reading this article to learn more.[…]

5 Things to Look for in a Company Registration Service Provider

A company registration service provider plays a crucial role in achieving success for new businesses. You can achieve short- and long-term goals through a reliable provider that can help form your business. However, because many companies offer business supports in Singapore and all of them are vying for new clients, choosing the right one for your enterprise can leave you scratching your head. That is why finding the company registration service provider that matches your business needs is essential.[…]

How Company Registration Services Can Make the Registration Process Easier for Business Owners

Singapore is consistently acknowledged as a good place to start a business. The city-state has a significant role as an epicentre of trade in Asia. How did Singapore come this far?

Many factors are contributing to Singapore’s success in being a global business hub. These are impressive infrastructures, stable politics, open business policies, a skilled workforce, and a high English fluency rating, among others. All this puts Singapore on top of the list of excellent places to start a business.[…]

Company Registration Checklist: Make Sure to Complete These Documents!

Every business transaction a company undergoes comes with a document that legitimizes and records the negotiation. Without documents, you will be prone to disputes you can’t counter and risks you may find hard to mitigate. That is why you need to have the essential paperwork, and you have to start from the company registration documents.[…]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Company Registration in Singapore

A legitimate company is a successful company. As an aspiring business owner, how can you secure your reputation as a legitimate business and establish trust among your customers and employees? Simple, register your company.

In this guide, let us walk through the process of company registration in Singapore if you are planning to build one in this developed country.[…]

Hiring a Corporate Service Provider in Singapore Vs. Doing it Yourself

It is easy for any business to lose footing in a saturated market like Singapore. That is why it is crucial to establish a rigid foundation from the get-go. But how do companies maintain their momentum in an ever-changing industry filled with determined competitors?

There are many ways to help with business success, including a detailed business plan, clear market perception, strategic marketing, and efficient budget planning. Moreover, another highly recommended business support is hiring a corporate service provider in Singapore.[…]

6 Reasons to Hire a Corporate Service Provider

Starting an enterprise in a business hub like Singapore is not a piece of cake, just like most countries. Even though Singapore’s business landscape is welcoming to new investors who like to start their business, there is more than one thing they need to keep in mind before funding a new business venture.  

From determining what business to start to maintaining an office setup, an owner of a startup needs to go through all this to keep everything rolling. Yes, a compelling business plan can be a saving grace. However, unexpected things could happen in a blink of an eye. What to do in case things do not go as planned? […]

4 Things to Consider When Hiring Secretarial Services in Singapore!

Everyone would agree that hiring the right talents paves the way to a profitable business. Among the employees that should be on board, your company is a competent and qualified secretary. Whether you manage a startup, run an existing corporation, or plan to penetrate the bustling Singaporean business hub, a corporate secretary plays a crucial role in a successful business venture.

However, considering that you are in a competent and saturated corporate landscape, be reminded that your business can encounter several challenges that might distract success. […]

4 Times Secretarial Services Are Important to a Company!

A company consists of many stakeholders, and each of them has different roles to play. Among these stakeholders is a company secretary who seems to have many duties and responsibilities, such as checking the company’s compliance with statutory and legal bodies. Their responsibilities go beyond filing and corresponding, which is why every board member values this position more than ever—putting company secretarial services into a new light in the corporate world.

Given the importance of this position, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) mandates every business to hire secretarial services in Singapore within six months of its establishment.[…]

ContactOne Receives Recognition From IRAS For The THIRD Straight Year!

ContactOne has been recognized by IRAS, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, as one of the top 15 tax agents with the most number of Form CS e-filing done for our accounting and tax clients for the Year of Assessment YA2014, YA2015, and YA2016. We are happy to have achieved this accolade for 3 consecutive years since the inaugural recognition 3 years ago.

We would like to thank IRAS for this recognition which represents a significant milestone achieved by the entire ContactOne Family. The online filing platform for Form CS has many advantages ranging from better accuracy, reduced errors, and wastage.[…]