Fee Guide

Fee Guide
The Golden Question #1
How Do ContactOne match up to some of the leading service providers in Singapore?
We have made a comparison of estimated fees across the market to see how we match up to some of our fellow peers in the market. The results are largely encouraging and we will strive to maintain our level of competitiveness to benefit our existing clients and all aspiring entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.
Company Registration Service
ContactOne Professional Services is one of the leading price leader in the Company Registration segment in the market. Looking at what potential entrepreneurs may need to pay for company registration service, first year company secretary and business address service, our standard company registration package has emerged as one of the best value for money service offering for new entrepreneurs.

On top of being a price leader in the market, when we look at the industry, we are able to offer additional customized company start-up packages for entrepreneurs who need more than the start-up, secretarial and registered address services.
Learn More about our Company Registration Packages
Click here to review our popular Company Registration Packages and assess which package best fit your needs and requirements

Starting from $788

Company Secretarial Service
Company secretariat is an essential function of any company and ContactOne has made it simple and affordable for you to continuously stay compliant with the Companies Act as well as fulfill your annual ACRA obligations.

Our secretarial service package provides the most essential services for your Company and that is to provide a secretary for your company and assist in your meeting of your ACRA Returns in a timely manner. Our model eliminates buffer costs or service premiums associated with some business models. Additional ad-hoc secretarial services are rendered on a client-discounted pay-as-you-use model, which means that you only need to pay a small amount in the event that there are changes that you need to make to the Company.
Learn More about our Company Secretary Packages
Click here to review our most popular Company Secretary Basic Package. ACRA obligations fulfilment made affordable

At $390 per annum

Financial Statements Compilation and Tax Service
Highly competitive compilation fee to assist our clients in their accounting matters. Drafting financial statements require a certain level of accounting expertise and experience.

Our financial statements compilation fees as well as corporate tax services are calibrated based on time cost and level of difficulty involved. For most companies, the fees are rather fixed based on the standard published rate of $350 for each type of assignment when taken separately.

The fee will be even more attractive if you decide to try out our Financial Statements and Corporate Tax Package, starting from $600 or the All-In-One FS + Tax + AGM Package which starts from an amazingly affordable fee of $788.

The Financial Statements and Corporate Tax Package helps you meet your annual IRAS tax obligations while the All-In-One FS + Tax + AGM Package will take care of both your ACRA and IRAS annual obligations.

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Click here to see our FS + Tax + AGM Package and assess if this is the right mix of service that you are looking for.

Starting from $790

Looking for Bookkeeping Services as well?
Increase business focus and productivity time by engaging ContactOne to take care of your bookkeeping, tax and compliance matters


The Golden Question #2
Okay… Your service fees seem very competitive… How about your services?

Over the last 4 years we are delighted to have served thousands of satisfied clients who have continued their relationship with ContactOne through their service renewals with us. ContactOne is now a well-known firm and is a definite firm favourite with many local entrepreneurs and at the same time, has gained international clients across the globe with clients coming to us from the likes of United States, China, South Africa, Middle East, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Japan.

We are fully aware that customer experience is integral to our line of business and we always make it a point to let our clients feel satisfied during and after every engagement.

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