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Bookkeeping Fee Estimator
How are our Bookkeeping Fees Derived?
Bookkeeping Fee Guide
You can estimate the expected amount of accounting fees based on the following general guidelines. Assuming your business has a simple structure with no complex accounting involved, and requires annual accounting with no urgent timeline to be met:

The estimated accounting fee increment for every additional 40mm Arch File of documents is approximately $250 - $400.
The estimated accounting fee increment for every additional 75mm Arch File of documents is approximately $500 - $750.

Please note that the estimated fees illustrated are indicative in nature. Feel free to contact us to obtain a non-obligatory fee quote that will best reflect the quantum of accounting work necessary for your company.

For an accurate fee quote to be presented, we will need to obtain the following information from you:
How to Get a Fee Quote
If you would like to get an accurate accounting fee quote for your business, you may complete the following online form and our accounting specialists will get in touch with you within one working day. Alternatively, simply call us at 6333 0633, SMS or WhatsApp us at 6333 0633 to arrange for an appointment with us to discuss your accounting needs!

Bookkeeping Fee Quote Preparatory Form

Part I. Company Information

Name of Your Company
Name of Contact Person
Mobile Email
Nature of Business

Part II. Financial Information Required (You may input the Actual figures if you have them or Reliable Estimated figures for this section)

Revenue/Sales Turnover for the year Number of Sales Transactions for the year
Number of Expenditure Transactions for the year Number of Employees in the Company
Number of Company Bank Accounts Average Number of pages for the Company Bank Statements each month
Number of company expenses made through personal funds on behalf of the Company
Are company funds used for personal expenses Is the Company GST Registered
Currency used for business activities
Does the company have any hire purchase or bank loan facility arrangements? If yes, please describe.
Are any listings or schedules relating to company sales and expenses prepared on your side?
Any special request or accounting considerations that you would like us to take note of?

Let us know which type of Bookkeeping Package you will be interested in. (Please select one)

Is the Company within the first year of incorporation and has no prior financial year ends?


Please provide your Financial Year End Date if you have decided on the year end date
(Alternatively, let us advise you on the best year end date suited for your company)

Date in dd/mm/yyyy format


Please provide the last financial year end date that your accounts have been prepared
(We will commence bookkeeping for the subsequent financial years)

Date in dd/mm/yyyy format
Do you require our assistance to submit corporate tax for previously completed financial years?
(Please check with your current accountant if they will be filing the taxes for you. Also, if you have engaged an external tax agent, check if you have made payment for any tax services relating to any unfiled tax returns for previous financial years.)
Do you require our assistance to re-work your prior year accounts?
(For companies who are aware that their prior year accounts may not be correctly prepared)


By submitting this form to ContactOne Professional Services Pte. Ltd. (“the Service Provider”), I confirm that I am an authorized personnel representing the Company in obtaining a fee quote for corporate services. I further confirm that I understand that the subsequent fee quote provided by the Service Provider is based on my representation of the facts and estimations provided in this Form, and the Service Provider retains all rights, without reservation, to negotiate for a different fee, prior to, during or after the commencement of the rendering of corporate services.